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   Your friends, parishoners, network members, and customers are already shopping at because of our huge selection and great prices. Now you can benefit from it! If you place an Affiliate logo with link on your website you will receive $1.00 every time someone purchases something through that link. What a great way to monetize your website, blog, social network, or anything else you can put a link on!

   Use as a fundraiser for your church. Your church can raise extra money by linking it's website with Even if you buy items for yourself or your church through your own affiliate link, you get paid! It's like getting an even larger discount off our already low prices.

   Today's internet shopppers are looking for the best deals they can get. That's why we believe our AmericasChristianBookstore Affiliate Program will be more productive for you than other affiliate programs - our prices are hard to beat!

    It's easy to sign up.



  1. Click the Sign Up button at the bottom of this page. Click "Save" at the bottom of that screen.
  2. The next screen will show your link url and image link. There you will see the "Link URL" that looks something like this:


    Your webmaster will know how to place the link on your website but if you want to do it yourself place this where you want the link to be:
    <ahref="Link URL">SHOP HERE</a>
    Replace "Link URL" with the link. Keep the quotation marks. "SHOP HERE" can be any text you would like, such as "" or "PRODUCTS".


    If you would like to use our logo for a link use this:
    <a href="Link URL"><img src="
    /mm5/images/logo.jpg" width="400" height="65" border="0"></a>
    You can change the width and height to fit your needs as long as you change the width and height proportionally.

  3. To view the progress of your affiliate account click "Affiliates" on the top right of our website.
  4. Encourage your church members, network friends, and others to shop through your link.
  5. Receive monthly checks from us for every $20 you earn.




Source Code:
<img src="" width="400" height="65">
Source Code:
<img src="" width="400" height="65">


You will earn $1.00 for every sale that is made through your affiliate link.
We pay out every $20.00 earned on the first of every month.
The only time you do not get paid is when an order is cancelled or returned.
We will mail a check to the name and address registered on your customer account.
You may put the affiliate link in an email as long as you don't spam.
If you use an image for the link it must be one of our
logos in an unedited format, except for size.
You can change the width and height to fit your needs as long as you change the width and
height proportionally.
To cancel your affiliation take the link off your website and email us you want to cancel. reserves the right to cancel an affiliate for any reason.





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